[fluka-discuss]: Flair dicom handler

From: Francesca Fiorini <francesca.fiorini_at_oncology.ox.ac.uk>
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2014 10:35:19 +0000

Dear Fluka Users,

I am trying to use the Flair dicom handler, but after importing the slices (simple dcm files) with no errors, if I go to the dicom viewer and click on any slice I receive the error message "Cannot display dicom, cannot handle the image". Since there is no log window in the new flair (or at least I can't see it) I cannot really understand what the problem related with this error is. Any suggestion or clue about what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance

Francesca Fiorini, PhD
Gray Institute for Radiation Oncology and Biology
Old Road Campus Research Building
Off Roosevelt Drive
University of Oxford
Oxford, OX3 7DQ
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