[fluka-discuss]: role of RADDECAY in scoring isotope yields

From: Marco Grassi (马酷) <"Marco>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2014 16:37:29 +0800

Dear Fluka experts,

my simulation setup consists in a single muon crossing a sphere filled with liquid scintillator (basically a
carbon+hydrogen compound) and my goal is to score the isotope yield on an event-by-event basis.

To this purpose I'm using usrrnc.f (USERWEIG).
At the same time I use the RESUCLEI output (what(2)=22) to crosscheck the overall run yield.

Following the manual suggestion, I activated radioactive decays in semi-analogue mode by adding RADDECAY to my
input file (you can find the input file attached to this message).

My issue is that, using the aforementioned configuration, the isotope yields scored via usrrnc often exceed
those scored via RESUCLEI (cf. https://db.tt/cnoYfpgx).

So far, I managed to score the same number of isotopes in usrrnc and in RESUCLEI only by removing the RADDECAY
option from my input file (that is clearly something that I don't want to do).

Question: is there some parameter that I need to change in order for usrrnc to take into account radioactive


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