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From: Dr. Vittorio Boccone <>
Date: Sun, 11 May 2014 22:26:36 +0200

Hi Mohammad,
    can you post it to the forum and not directly to me?
You can save them in ASCII in first place or convert them
in ASCII after merging using the FLUKA tools or the function in FLAIR
(right click on the file and select the relevant option)

USBREA is the key

P.S. This question was already answered in this thread:

On 5/9/14 4:49 PM, Mohammad Ahmad Khodery wrote:
> Dear Vittorio,
> I have run fluka for a proton beam incident on a block of copper. I
> measure the energy deposition in the target using
> the card USRBIN.
> I selected 5 cycles for the run.
> Then I merge the results of all the cycles. into a file with extension
> .bnn
> to use it in the plotting of the result.
> anyway , I needed to have the results in a format that I can insert
> into matlab for example such as ".dat file "
> Is there any way to produce it ?
> best regards,
> Mohammad
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> Hi Mohammad,
> .dat format is not a format itself but just the extension used by
> fluka-post processing tools (typically used through flair) when, after
> merging the simulation data, you plot in gnuplot.
> Now I don't understand what you mean when that you "set many detectors
> and I merge them in that detector to plot the results".
> Can you be more specific on your problem? Maybe sending the input?
> In principle you can have the data in every format you want; you might
> just need to write a few lines in fortran, C++ of any programming
> language you like.
> A special warning, when you use the DETECT card: make su that FLUKA is
> used in a completely analogue mode, since correlation is destroyed by
> biasing (note 2 in the manual for the DETECT card).
> About the output of the DETECT card... there's an example on the
> manual (again look for the DETECT card) about how to read the file.
> Best,
> V.
> On Wed, Apr 30, 2014 at 3:45 PM, Mohammad Ahmad Khodery
> <
> <>> wrote:
> Dear Admin,
> I have a fluka run that is consisted of 5 cycles. the output of
> each one is given in .dat format. I also have set
> many detectors and I merge them in that detector to plot the results.
> I would like this result in a .dat file as well to postprocess it
> . Is this possible ?
> Best regards,
> Mohammad
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