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Dear Roxana,

USRYIELD is the correct card for the LET, see the manual and related FAQ on the FLUKA website (http://www.fluka.org/fluka.php?id=faq&sub=11) with special care to the normalization:

How can I score a histogram of LET?
LET can be scored with the USRYIELD card. The bins will be in units of keV/(micron g/cm^3 ). Note that when scoring with USRYIELD differential fields are scored over any desired number of intervals for what concerns the first quantity, but over only one interval for the second quantity. However, the results are always expressed as second derivatives and not as interval-integrated yields. If LET is your first quantity the content of your bins will be normalized to unit interval of your second variable. Furthermore, WHAT(6) of the continuation card of USRYIELD must contain the code of the material in which the LET has to be calculated: it is not taken to be equal to the one of the ingoing region, and if absent will be put equal to Hydrogen (material number 3, the first non-vacuum in fluka).

For the dose indeed a 1 D USRBIN (with DOSE in GeV/g) will do the trick.


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Dear Paola,

Thank you very much for your help.
I have another question, is there any direct path to plot the LET as function of distance using USRYIELD or other card?
And I am also interested to plot the dose as function of distance. I am thinking to use 1D-plot from the URSBIN scoring the DOSE. Is this the right way?

Thank you very much.


Roxana Rata
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