[fluka-discuss]: Re: FLUKA not updated in Flair

From: Francesco Cerutti <Francesco.Cerutti_at_cern.ch>
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2014 18:28:49 +0200

Dear Alex,

Flair uses the FLUKA version located in $FLUPRO (by default) or as
specified in its Preferences (Config button) through the Fluka Directory
field. Check what you have there and anyway remove from your system the
obsolete version (which does not come with Flair, since the latter comes



> Dear Fluka users,

> I have just upgraded my versions of FLUKA (to 2b-6) and Flair (to
> 2.0-2). When I run FLUKA independently of Flair, the output file says
> that I am using the newest version and it all runs as it should. When I
> try to run in Flair, I get a message saying that the version of Fluka I
> am using is obsolete. Flair is running version 2.0-2, but it is still
> running version 2b-3 of FLUKA and so does not work. Is there a step I
> have missed?

> Thanks,
> Alex Brynes

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