[fluka-discuss]: Dose scoring to compare simulation with measurements

From: Francesco Collamati <francesco.collamati_at_roma1.infn.it>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 15:13:08 +0200

Dear FLUKA experts,
I am trying to simulate in FLUKA an experimental setup in which a commercial medical-dosimeter was placed (at a wall) in a room with an isotropic radioactive source.
I have the values for the dose red by the dosimeter, that are expressed in (u)Sv. (in a known time interval)
I would like to compare those values with the ones from my simulation, in which I simply placed a small (~1cm^3) volume at the distance from the source comparable to the dosimeter.
Not considering the time normalization question, that I think is clear enough to me, The question is: which card do i need to have a comparable result?
From the manual I understand that USRBIN with gen part Dose gives GeV/g, while to have (p)Sv I have to select DOSE-EQ, adding a AUXSCORE card.
For this kind of simulation, which one of the “conversion sets” in this card should I select? Amb74? I tried some combinations, noting even a factor 2 of difference between the various dose equivalent values.
Am I right, or is it just a not-so-easy simulation to do?
thanks in advance

Francesco Collamati
Rome University Sapienza
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