[fluka-discuss]: Re: cosideration on Synchrotron radiation transport

From: Alberto Fasso' <fasso_at_slac.stanford.edu>
Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2015 06:53:38 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Hamideh,

I am sorry: you should write to fluka discuss not only for "FLUKA programming",
but all questions regarding FLUKA, including physics questions. I am not the
only person who could answer, and it is important that all interested FLUKA
users could read the answer and possibly discuss it.
Therefore, I am forwarding your mail to the discussion list.

In short, you can transport synchrotron radiation photons as any other photon
of similar energy, with one exception. Synchrotron radiation is mainly
polarized, and you can request photon transport with polarization. See option
POLARIZA on the manual. I must say that most of the time, people don't take
polarization into account: this approach is generally conservative in the
horizontal plane, where people generally are, but is underevaluating dose in
the vertical plane (for instance on a hutch roof).
Setting cutoffs depends on your geometry and shielding material. If the
shielding is made of lead, set the photon and production thresholds lower that
the Pb K edge (about 80 keV). You can set electron cutoffs at 1 MeV or so.
Note that ambient dose equivalent is zero below 10 keV.


On Wed, 11 Mar 2015, Hamideh Beygzadeh Jalali wrote:

> Respectable Prof. Fasso
> I am working on the matter of synchrotron radiation shielding. I could program
> a source.f for a typical synchrotron spectrum correctly by using your comment
> on my problem in fluka discuss. I have studied your article about the
> comparison between STACK-8 and FLUKA. My question is about considerations in
> transporting synchrotron radiation in FLUKA. Is there any cut off or physics
> which should be considered in this matter? I would be appreciate if you guide
> me in this problem?
> Best Regards
> Hamideh
> ps, Sorry for sending this mail privately to you and not to fluka discuss
> because I thought my question relates to the physics more than FLUKA
> programming.

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