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From: Ferreira De Almeida Lourenco, Ana <am.lourenco_at_ucl.ac.uk>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2015 11:46:33 +0000

Dear Lefteris and Thiago,

Many many thanks for this. Your tips are great, I ran a quick test and it worked!

Best wishes,


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Greetings Ana,

FLUKA only understands the values that are written in the actual FLUKA cards.
Flair uses its own quasi-cards starting with "!_at_" and the "what" of the card that is suppose to calculate.
When you change a variables value with your script you are just changing the text inside the input file and nothing else.
Unless you open flair and actually make a quasi-change and re-save the input file nothing will be changed.

However there is a way to update them through a bash script.

If you type flair -h you will find a list of very useful options for flair.
One of them is the "update | -u " which when combined with an input file it will "Recalculate and save input file variables".

e.g. flair -u test.inp

You can use that in your bash script after you have changed the value of the variable.

Kind regards



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Dear all,

I have been using flair to run my simulations and now I'm running them through a bash script.

In my simulations I define a cylindrical phantom divided in many slabs. The thickness of the slabs is variable and I defined a variable cpl (#define cpl) to vary the thickness of the slabs. An example of my input from flair:


#define cpl 1

XYP PL1 0.0
XYP PL2 0.001
XYP PL3 0.4
XYP PL4 0.401


In flair when I change the value of cpl (#define cpl), it automatically changes the thickness of the slabs but when I change it through my bash script (#define cpl), it doesn't. I also tried to change my input to the following example but it does not run:


XYP PL1 0.0
XYP PL2 0.001*cpl
XYP PL3 0.4*cpl
XYP PL4 0.401*cpl


The error may be in the syntax that I'm using. I checked some fortran tutorials but I am not used to this language and it is not straightforward for me.

Any ideas/thoughts?

Many thanks,


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