Re: [fluka-discuss]: plotting the dose for a specific radioisotope

From: Paola Sala <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2015 16:12:29 +0200

Thank you both for answering, on two complementary items. I would like to
add a third view.
If I understand well, Roxana does not want to really score dose from ions,
she wants to score dose from the radioactive decay of those ions. She then
tries to use AUXSCORE in order to select the radiation coming from a
specific Copper isotope (please correct me if I am wrong). The problem
there is that the auxcore card is perfectly correct for what concerns the
choice off the dose-eq set, but it does not work to select the "parent"
isotope. DOSE-EQ converts the fluence of decay particles (photons,
betas) to dose equivalent. The Auxscore filter will be applied to these
decay products, never finding the copper isotope, therefore the binning
will be empty.
The solution is to go through user routines, one (stuprf.f) to keep track
of the parent isotope, the second (fluscw.f) to filter the products to be
I attach examples. The parent identity can be found in the INFEXT variable
of the GENSTK common, stuprf propagates it to the daughters through user
variables that are then copied to the TRACKR common and intercepted in
A USERWEIGH card activation fluence filtering must be added in the input.
Hope this help (hope also it works..I checked quickly)

> Yes, you can score dose eq for ions! But not using AUXSCORE, because no
> conversion coefficients are available.
> This is how it can be done (Note to the list of generalised particles,
> Chap. 5.1):
> (6) "Dose equivalent" is computed using various sets of conversion
> coefficients (see AUXSCORE for details) converting particle fluences
> into Ambient Dose equivalent or Effective Dose. Dose Equivalent of
> particles for which conversion coefficients are not available,
> typically
> heavy ions, can be calculated by scoring generalised particle
> Alberto
> On Thu, 2 Apr 2015, "Mikhail Polkovnikov <?????? ???????????>" wrote:
>> Dear Roxana,
>> You can't score dose eq for ions.
>> According to AUXSCORE description:
>> SDUM : For dose equivalent (DOSE-EQ) scoring, the user can provide
>> the
>> energy-dependent factors for the conversion of fluence to
>> effective dose and ambient dose equivalent for neutrons,
>> protons, charged pions, muons, photons and electrons
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