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From: Chris Theis <>
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Hi Michele,

I can only answer regarding the possibilities that are currently there for SimpleGeo. Regarding the geometrical database supported by FLAIR somebody else will have to help who has knowledge on that.

It’s quite simple to build a geometry database in SG. First you basically define your component (e.g. a full magnet) and place it into a container body like a box. If you then would like to use that object in another geometry you open that other geometry and the select the “Merge” command from the “File” menu. This will import the magnet as a group into your current geometry and you can then apply a transformation to that group. Consequently, the magnet will be moved to its new location. The only thing which you then have to do is to subtract the container box from the surrounding volume in the original geometry. That’s it.

You can also duplicate the imported geometries and move them to different places. Thus, you can build a full beam line with very few mouse-clicks. The only thing you should pay attention to is the naming scheme of your bodies. FLUKA has a limit of 8 characters and will silently (!) truncate everything exceeding this limit. So if you want to use duplicates then I recommend to start with short names because for each duplicate SG will append an ID to ensure unique names.


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Dear fluka users,
I would like to build a geometry by using both simpleGeo and Geometry editor. It is easier for me to draw different pieces of geometry in different environments and then import them as single blocks and place them in the whole geometry file. I read about a database of geometrical objects here: and I wish to build my own one. Unfortunately I can't find this library nor informations on how it works. Is there any documentation available?
Thanks in advance

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