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Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2015 22:29:05 +0200

Dear Mr.Arghya Chattaraj,
 maybe I've got it now. you want to suppress the from you calculated Dose
the fraction caused by the interaction of the photons with the surrounding
water. While you have different options to achieve the result let me point
out that you might have a significant effect on the energy and shape of
your impinging beam.

If you want to get the Dose in you inner chamber caused by the primary
photons forgetting the effect of scattering in water just do a run where
you substitute the water by vacuum (or blackhole if you have other things
around) and you will obtain an evaluation the prompt dose by the primary


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> Dear Experts,
> Suppose one water sphere is there having radius 30cm. Inside it I kept
> one cylindrical ion chamber.Now photon beam having 1.25MeV energy is
> incident on the water sphere.I want to calculate Dose in the chamber
> cavity.I want response of the chamber only due to Primary photon beam
> energy.I want to cut all the scattered photon from the outside water
> medium will be removed and these scatter component will not be entered
> in the chamber cavity.
> I am not getting the proper way to solve this issue in Fluka.
> Is there any option??
> Thanking you for co-operation
> Mr.Arghya Chattaraj
> Scientific Officer C
> RP & AD
> BARC,Mumbai
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