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Dear Andrea and all,

Attached is a dropbox link with my .flair, .inp, .vxl and .bnn files for the project. If you need any other files to troubleshoot please let me know.



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Dear Cristina,
can you provide us your input etc so we can look at your problem?
Best regards,
> Dear FLUKA experts,
> I'm trying to get the total dose equivalent in pSv deposited in a CTSCAN
> voxel geometry using the USRBIN card produced from the DICOM tool in
> flair. My source is a sphere of alpha particles of 6.48MeV isotropic.
> When looking at the output file, stars are created but no dose appears
> recorded in the voxels and no integrated dose over the volume appears in
> the output either. Nevertheless, when I plot the fort 99 file using
> Flair's
> Plot tab the dose map is created with no issues and a maximum, minimum and
> integral value are also calculated to be 0.029 pSv/primary and cm3. This
> dose appears extremely low to me.
> Also, no stars are recorded when I try to perform smaller runs, such as
> 1000 primaries for example.
> Flair's output shows no anomalies and the .err file after the simulation
> is
> finished only shows the amount of stars produced.
> Thanks so much for your help
> Cristina
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