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From: Anton Lechner <>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2015 12:58:37 +0000

Dear Simon,

If I understand correctly, you would like
A) a line source (delta-like, i.e. no lateral spatial extension) along an arbitrary direction. I assume positions are homogeneously distributed along this line?
B) particles should be emitted with a *polar* angle of 5 deg wrt the line source, while the *azimuthal* angle is isotropic? (I am not sure if this is what you mean with "a cone-shaped tube" ...)

I any case I am afraid such a source can only be realized by means of a source routine. I would recommend to look in the the FLUKA course material about source routine programming (, starting from page 24).

The only variables you need to touch are the positions (X/Y/ZFLK(NPFLKA) = ...) and direction cosines (TXFLK(NPFLKA) = ...). The easiest is probably to implement your source along the z-axis and then perform a transformation of positions and direction cosines. For example in the following way (for simplicity I just use dummy coordinates, which can then be assigned to the designated variables):

* Position sampling along the z-axis
X = 0
Y = 0
Z = homogeneous or whatever sampling

* Direction cosine sampling around the z-axis
TX = ...
TY = ...
TZ = ...

* Transforming from z-axis to arbitrary axis via ROT-DEFI cards defined in the input file (with rotation index NROT)

You can pass the rotation index via one of the WHATs of the source card, e.g.:

Hope this helps!
Cheers, Anton

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Dear Anton,

The source line should be arbitrary, not along the z-aixs(or x/y). the emission angle of 5 degree is relative to the line , therefore, the source should be a cone-shaped tube but ont a certain direction.



From: Anton Lechner<>
Date: 2015-05-05 20:32
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Subject: RE: [fluka-discuss]: about source.f
Dear Simon,

Please be more precise what kind of source you want. I understand that you want a source along a line, but:
* Should this be along an arbitrary direction?
* What about the emission angle wrt the line source?
(in your first email you mention an angle of 5 degrees: is this the emission angle wrt the line or the angle between line and z-axis?)

Cheers, Anton

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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: about source.f

Hi, everyone!

I'm wondering how can I use the SOURCE.f to set a linear source? could someone give me an example to help me out of there?


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