[fluka-discuss]: fluka simulation

From: teterev <teterev_at_jinr.ru>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2015 22:38:19 +0300

I really need your help! At the moment, I want to calculate the yield of
helium-6 in the 7Li(g, p) reaction using electron bremsstrahlung. The
beam of 22 MeV electrons hits chemically more stable cooled tungsten
target . The thickness of the target 3.2 mm. Vessel filled by the
irradiated material was disposed along the axis of the bremsstrahlung
radiation. Lithium fluoride, with a density of 1 g / cm3 was tested as
target material. But I have such a problem in fluka simulation, which is
connected with the increase of electron energy to 23.5 MeV yield of
helium-6 is not increased, although it should be otherwise. I ask you to
look at the fluka code, because maybe I made a mistake.

Thanks in advance !!!

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