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Dear Francesca,

please forgive a Paleolithic person...

1) What is a TTree? I looked it up on Google and it looks that it is something to do with ROOT. But please consider that not everybody is using ROOT! In particular,

it is not necessary to know ROOT for using FLUKA

2) I had a look at the link you sent, and I was able to download the following:

NeutCarb.tar.gz_files/ (a directory)


The stuff seems to gzipped, but the .gz is an extension in the middle of the file (or directory) name. How does one gunzip them?

The bottom line is: can you please provide input file and user routines in a less sophisticated way, if you want to be helped by Paleolithic people? :-):-):-)

Just two simple ASCII files would be ok...


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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: I: 18 MeV Neutrons on Carbon

Dear all,

     I made a mistake. The link is


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Ogg: 18 MeV Neutrons on Carbon

Dear all,

           I am trying to simulate the response of a diamond detector to a monochromatic pencil-like neutron beam.
I was expecting different reactions to take place and, as a consequence, to be able to score with mgdraw the
energy deposited by charged particles, for example alphas, in the carbon.

But I must be doing something completely wrong, since the energy deposited in the diamond is always 0
(not to get a large TTree for nothing, in the mgdraw routine I asked to dump the energy deposited only if it is higher than 0.
As a cosnequence nothing is written on the TTree).

To understand what'sgoing on, I edited also usdraw by following
and dump the results on the *.log file.
But I get always only neutrons.

I have problems in attaching files using the browser at work, therefore I uploaded the simulation at the link
(this time everyone should have direct access, at least for the download).

Could anyone give a look please?



To run the simulation:

-expand the file in a folder
-add to your .bashrc
        export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/folder_where_you_put_the_simulation
-source .bashrc
-digit make
-digit $FLUPRO/flutil/rfluka -e rootfluka -N0 -M5 test &

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