Re: [fluka-discuss]: installation problem

From: Yuri Simeonov <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jul 2015 19:18:01 +0000

Hi Roxana,
I think I had similar problems when I accidentally installed Fluka as
"root" and after this tried to run a simulation as a normal user. I didn't
have access to rfluka and all the other files. Maybe you have some user
rights/privileges issues?


Roxana-georgiana Rata U1179323 <> schrieb am Mo.,
27.07.2015, 16:18:

> Dear FLUKA experts,
> I installed the new version of FLUKA and FLAIR and it seems that I can't
> run my simulation. When I'm trying to compile an executable I get this
> error:
> Started 2015.07.27 14:22:33
> >>> Linking: /usr/local/fluka/flutil/ldpm3qmd -o ee -m fluka
> /bin/sh: 0: Can't open /usr/local/fluka/flutil/ldpm3qmd
> Ended: 2015.07.27 14:22:33
> Error linking
> Error linking executable ee
> And also if I'm trying to run my input without the executable, the run
> status is Waiting to attach and after a few minutes is Finished OK, but
> obviously is not. Could someone help me with this problem?
> This is the message I get in the output file:
> Dir: /home/roxana/Documents/LEIR/new/protonnew
> Cmd: /usr/bin/nohup /usr/local/fluka/flutil/rfluka -M 5 protonnew
> /bin/sh: 0: Can't open /usr/local/fluka/flutil/rfluka
> Thank you!
> Regards,
> Roxana
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