[fluka-discuss]: Bug in formatted output of RESNUCLEi

From: Alexander Michael Krainer <krainer_at_student.tugraz.at>
Date: Thu, 06 Aug 2015 17:11:14 +0200

Der Fluka authors,

I have found a bug in the formatted output of the RESNUCLEi card when
using it with
IRRPROFI, DCYTIMES and DCYSCORE. (see attached input file)

If you score the residual nuclei after a specific decay time, some of
the activities become really small (e.g. 5.9910E-213), but the
formatted output can only handle two digits exponents so the output
5.9910-213. This can cause problems when reading this data into
another program.

Best regards
Alexander Krainer

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