Re: [fluka-discuss]: differential fluence distribution in SOURCE routine

From: Roman Savinov <>
Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 07:01:01 +0000


I used files from your discussion with Faith:

but instead of spectrum.dat I used different spectrum which I obtained by digitizing plot from this paper:

(I have a fortran code that generates this data, srplot.f, but I don't know how to run it)
The only thing I changed in your source_mod.f is I set NDIMMAX=58, the number of points in my spectrum.dat

when I run it, all result points are zero. What might be the problem?

Also, it seems like I have trouble with unit conversion with the results of my previous email. According to the test-3.sum.lis, USRTRACK gives results in protons/GeV/cm^2/primary
I want result in protons/MeV/cm^2, just like in this paper (fig.5-8):
so I need to convert 1/GeV to 1/MeV and multiply it by 5e5 primaries. To do the conversion I should divide by 1000 but the fluka plot matches the plot of the source.dat only when I multiply by 1000! WTF?

Finally, what scoring cards should I use to make plots like fig.9-12 of the "Shielding evaluation..." paper? Should I create detector at each point in depth of water slab where I want the dose to be probed or I can use one detector for the hole water slab and then do a 1-D projection to get a dose profile along the slab?

thank you and sorry for the lengthy email


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