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From: Alberto Fasso' <>
Date: Mon, 17 Aug 2015 03:29:48 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Asror,

I am sorry but most of what you write cannot be understood.

> forecasting activation of materials on the Electron Accelerator U-003 by
> FLUKA calculations.

We don't know Electron Accelerator U-003. Can you say a little more about it?
What is the electron energy? Is it a linear or a circular accelerator?

> I have problem, I don't calculation scanning of Electron Accelerator.
> Scanning frequency of 3 Hz. There have magnet.

Please ask somebody to re-write this sentence in understandable English.
What do you mean by scanning? What does "There have magnet" mean?
In what should a frequency of 3 Hz affect the FLUKA calculations?

> Scanning for scanning and outputting the atmosphere the accelerated
> electron beam.

This sentence is not in English. We cannot understand it.

> Scanning of the electron beam in the line direction
> by means of an electromagnet deflection scanning in
> windings.

Re-write in English. Anyway, whatever scanning is, I cannot understand how
it could be important for activation calculations.

> which current flows, changing over time triangular
> law.

This sentence, not only is not in English, but in no language can you
write a sentence without a subject. It is completely meaningless.

> The deflection angle of the beam depends on the intensity
> magnetic field between the poles of the electromagnet and regulated within
> + 20% relative to the axis of the accelerating change in the current
> deflecting coils.

Here, one can have a vague (very vague!) idea of what you are talking about.
But whatever is the real meaning of it, it cannot have any connection with
the activation calculations you want to do.

Please find a colleague with a good command of English, and ask him or her to
write in clear and ordered way what your problem is, providing some
information about the beam, the expected beam losses, the geometry and the

I suggest also that you apply for a FLUKA beginner course, and if you
cannot, that you study the lectures that are available on-line on the
FLUKA website:


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