[fluka-discuss]: RE: Activation calculation - How to manage semi-analogue results

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Dear Gabriele,

Is there a specific reason you don't want to use RADDECAY with "activation study" mode (i.e.WHAT(1)=1), where you have (as you say yourself) all the built-in functionalities to get residual nuclei, residual dose rate etc. for different times t after irradiation?

If you select semi-analogue mode in RADDECAY (i.e. WHAT(1)>1) then you cannot use these built-in functionality to get the residual nuclei at a time t. In that case DCYSCORE can only be used to tell detectors (like USRBIN) to score both prompt and radioactive decay particles together, however this does a priori not contain any time information. On the other hand, selecting semi-analogue mode also doesn't mean that time information is entirely lost: it is still accessible via the age of particles and one could use this information in routines.

Cheers, Anton

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Dear all,

When performing activation calculation with FLUKA, let’s suppose I’m interested in the residual nuclei at a certain time t after irradiation.
If I perform an “activation study” case (RADDECAY with WHAT(1)=1), I have just to associate to WHAT(1) of DCYSCORE the wished time t, previously listed in the DCYTIMES card, and set correspondingly the RESNUCLEI card.
Otherwise, if I perform a “semi-analogue mode” (RADDECAY with WHAT(1)=2), how can I have, for instance, the list of residual nuclei at any time t? I’m confused since I noticed that in this case the WHAT(1) entry of DCYSCORE does not represent any specific time (“semi-analogue” appears in FLAIR there).

Best regards,


Gabriele Firpo
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