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Dear Shy
It is equivalent in that case. You have the possibility wit FLUKA to select all nuclear interactions channel or each one individually using the logic below as stated in the manual. 1.0 is equivalent to 1111.0 as all chanels are requested.

     WHAT(1) : flag to switch on nuclear interactions of photons:
              =< -1.0 : reset to default (no photonuclear interactions)
              = 0.0 : ignored
              = 1.0 : photonuclear interactions are activated at all
              = 2.0 : photonuclear interactions are activated only in
                        the high energy range (above 0.7 GeV)
              = 3.0 : photonuclear interactions are activated only in
                        the region of the Delta resonance
              = 4.0 : only quasi-deuteron interactions are activated
              = 5.0 : only Giant Dipole Resonance interactions are
>= 10.0 : interpreted as ih + id * 10 + iq * 100 + ig * 1000
                        where ih = 1 to activate High-energy interactions
                              id = 1 to activate Delta Resonance
                              iq = 1 to activate Quasi-deuteron
                              ig = 1 to activate Giant Resonance
                        and each is = 0.0 otherwise

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Dear Joachim,

I see you've changed the WHAT(1)of the PHOTONUC Card, from 1 to 1111. I'm also a beginner, and I don't know the difference between them. Could you please help me?

Thanks a lot.



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Dear Masoomeh,
A few comments which could help you. First you are sending your beam on a copper target and you activate photonuclear reactions only in concrete, I also suggest to also consider all photonuclear mechanisms in all material for example:

PHOTONUC 1111.0 1.0 _at_LASTMAT
And also use LAM-BIAS to enhance the probability of interactions (factor 50 - 100)
LAM-BIAS 0.0 0.01 0.0 PHOTON

Also not that with the number of primary you run (100) with such a low probability and at the limit of the reaction threshold you may not see any neutron produced. I increased the energy to 20 MeV for testing your input and with the above cards I do see neutrons being produced. So I suggest that you go into that direction.


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Dear expertise,

In the following of my questions in this community about the shielding design for a 10MeV electron linac.

I ran the simulation just with photonuc card for 7 and 10MeV electron energy. The run with the usebin card, part: Dose Eq and Auxscore, type: neutron didn't receive any dose.

Since I am a quite new person in the shielding/radio-protection field and use of Fluka, could you please help me. If I need to add the LAMbis card for this low energy electron to detect neutrons? how do I adjust this card for this energy?

Also, the received dose for the other Usrbin card with Auxscore part: all type is not high for 70cm concrete beyond the front wall of the target? Since the beam current is 12 micro Amps, I multiply the dose eq (pSV/primary) with 5.4e11 to convert the pSV/primary to mSV/year. Then for the 70cm concert wall (front wall in the attached file) the dose EQ is 10000 mSV/year, much higher than 1mSV/year, the standard value.

Do am I making a mistake in run, design, normalization factor (5.4e111) or the 70cm for 12uA of 7MeV electron beam for copper target is expected?

The inp and fair extension files are been attached

Many many thanks in advance,

Masoomeh Yarmohammadi Satri
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Particles and Accelerator, Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) E-mail :

> Dear Expertise
> I am designing a shield for a 10MeV electron linac that will hit a
> copper, W or Aluminum target. Do I need to active the neutron
> production card that is under Physics tab (photoneu)?
> Many thanks in advance
> Masoomeh Yarmohammadi Satri
> Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, School of Particles and Accelerator,
> Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences (IPM) E-mail :
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