[fluka-discuss]: Neutrons

From: kabytayeva <kabytayeva_at_jinr.ru>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2015 21:31:34 +0300

Hello everyone!
Dear,FLUKA experts!
At the moment I am studying production of helium-6 in the reaction
9Ве(n,4He) 6Не, ie, electrons with energy 22MeV are bombarded the
converter, which is made of lead. As a result neutrons are interacted
with the Be target, which is diameter 10cm. And I have the following
1) Please, check my input file, because I am working with FLUKA
recently, especially the reaction threshold
2) Can I obtain energies of the neutrons with which they are emitted
from the lead via FLUKA?

Thank you so much!!!

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