[fluka-discuss]: Need guidance about source.f

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Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2015 10:25:46 +0800

       Hi,everyone! I want to define a source that has a approximately gaussian-distributed energy spectrum,so I use the source.f file. But when I compiled ,linked and ran it ,there was some trouble---FLUKA broke down and stopped working.Who can help me check the source.f ?Thank you very much.
The below part is what I inserted in the source.f.
 * The following is modified by cxl on 2015.4.23 * Sample directly from a Gaussian distribution(manual p355) CALL FLNRRN (RGAUSS) * Pass WHAT(1) Of SOURCE to ESIGMA and pass WHAT(2) of SOURCE to ECENTR ESIGMA=WHASOU(1) ECENTR=WHASOU(2) ENSAMP=RGAUSS*ESIGMA+ECENTR * Kinetic energy of the particle (GeV) (manual p358). TKEFLK (NPFLKA) = ENSAMP * Particle momentum * PMOFLK (NPFLKA) = SQRT (ENSAMP * (ENSAMP + TWOTWO * AM(IJBEAM)))

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