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For what concerns Fluka, you can look at slides 6 and 7 of the course talk: ("The FLUKA Code Design", Slide 1 and 2).

About Geant4, I can only say that most of what is described in those slides does not apply to it: that program has a completely different code design. It is not up to me to enter into details (ask the Geant4 forum if you want to know more). I will only mention the main difference: Geant4 is

a "toolkit", while FLUKA is not (last line of Slide 2 mentioned above).


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Hi Kabytayeva,

The different between Monte-Carlo nuclear transport code : FLUKA, GEANT4, MCNP, PHITS... is in fact from the different physics model implemented for each family of interactions (EM, hadron, heavy ion...) So for each specific case you should check the physics models in your codes and see where is the different, and the impact to the results (what we call benchmarking).

The technique of coding does not change the result in the physical point of view.



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Hello everyone!
I know my question is not related with this discussion. But I did not
find information, and there is nobody to ask .....
I am interested what is the difference and similarity between Fluka and
GEANT4 from physical point of view? (Except that both packages uses
Monte Carlo method; and Fluka based on Fortran and GEANT4 based on C ++

Many thanks for any help!

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