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Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2016 11:40:28 +0000

Well, I never tried send a command from Matlab to terminal neither use it at Linux. I believe it is possible through commands like "system()", "unix()" or exclamation point operator "!"

If it was possible, I believe the solution will be call that code used to run fluka from terminal:

I.e., to run the input file MyTest_aa.inp inside the folder $WORK:

$FLUPRO/flutil/rfluka –e (executable filename) –N (integer) –M (number of cycles) $WORK/MyTest_aa &

Which is simplifyied to "$FLUPRO/flutil/rfluka –M 1 $WORK/MyTest_aa &" if one want to run 1 cycle using the standard executable file (flukahp).

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Dear All,

Could you please let me how I can make a link between Fluka and Matlab then run Fluka via Matlab.

Many thanks in advance,

Masoomeh Yarmohammadi Satri
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