[fluka-discuss]: declare own composition as beam-source?

From: Uwe Riesterer (uwe.riesterer_at_hs-furtwangen.de) <uwe.riesterer_at_hs-furtwangen.de>
Date: Wed, 4 May 2016 12:10:31 +0200 (CEST)

Dear FLUKA experts

I´m trying to simulate the radiation of a nuclear-fuel-element during critical
The compound of this mixture is uranium-235, uranium-238 and
So is it possible to declare my fuel-element-compound (compound M1 in my input
file) as beam-source, with its individual neutron and photon spectra?
Or is the only way to bombard my nuclear fuel-element-mixture with thermal
neutrons, to score the resulting particle fluence and dose (how I do it in the
input file)?

My goal is to measure the photon and neutron radiation in real and do the same
with FLUKA.
What´s the best way to do that?
Or how can I modify the source.f to create my nuclear-fuel-element during
critical operation as beam-source?

Thanks for your help

Riesterer Uwe

Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences
Security & Safety Engineering

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