[fluka-discuss]: about reading an external spectrum file with source.f

From: Uwe Riesterer (uwe.riesterer_at_hs-furtwangen.de) <uwe.riesterer_at_hs-furtwangen.de>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2016 13:11:42 +0200 (CEST)

Dear FLUKA users

I want to simulate a simple isotropic neutron volume source with a given
specific spectrum, averaged over the whole source. For the spectrum reading I
use a separate file with the corresponding energy data [ MeV ] and the
corresponding neutron flux [ n/(cm2*s) ]. And my goal is to measure the
resulting flux and dose outside the geometry.

I´m not very familiar with programming so I oriented myself on the exercise8
from the 8th FLUKA course in Greece. I tried to modify the source.f user
routine, to read the spectrum from the external file. But during the runs FLUKA
does not generate any output and I have no idea where the problems are ...?!

I just want to read from an external file my individual neutron spectrum.
The remaining BEAM details should correspond to the BEAM-card and the
BEAMPOS-cards from the input.
What commands are exactly needed? Or does a basic version of source.f exist to
do that?

Could you help me further, please?

Friendly regards

Riesterer Uwe

Furtwangen University of Applied Sciences
Security & Safety Engineering

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