[fluka-discuss]: Problems of the New version flupix-2011.2c-4_flair-2.2-1

From: YANG Tao <yangt_at_ihep.ac.cn>
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 23:42:00 +0800 (GMT+08:00)

Hello, everyone!

Recently, I find there are some problems of the new version flupix-2011.2c-4_flair-2.2-1. I don't know whether you have the problems or not.

1. The 1 MeV gamma rays were directed towards a simple cuboid lead block. USRBDX score card has been used to obtain the transmission values, I/I0, where I0 and I are the incident and attenuated photon intensities. Theoretically, I0 is 1 photon/primary since the incident photon will all penetrate the front surface of the lead block, however, the result (31BIN, "rushe") always give ZERO result, it's confusing, where did the photons go? and I get the correct result running on the server workstation. The input file is gamm.inp

2. The USBIN results could plot a colorful picture in the old version of flupix as shown in figure1, however, the picture can only show the pink color shown in figure2 for the same merging files. The input file is blm.inp

Could someone help me in these questions please?
Thank you.
With the best regards,

Tao Yang



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