[fluka-discuss]: Neutrons first position

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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2016 13:01:59 -0300

Dear FLUKA experts,

   I'm a relatively new user, I am trying to find a way to record the
  position and time where a photonuclear reaction occurred in my
  My geometry is simply several layers of atmospheric air with different

   Currently I'm using mgdraw.f (using from USERDUMP) to record some
  during a boundary crossing between the layers, but the information of
  and when exactly the photon generated a neutron is still unknown to me.

   I've been reading about the entry USDRAW from mgdraw.f and first of all
  I've thought that would be the way, but I've seen the flags of "ICODE" and
  if I'm right, I should use the "20x" flag, the one for photons, but none
  these flags refers to the photonuclear reactions.

   As I was reading the forum, I've saw some options with stuprf.f and
  stupre.f but I am not familiar with those and I am not progressing through

   Can anyone give me instructions or examples?

   Thank you for the attention, Gabriel.

   P.S.: A separated question, can anyone tell me what is current status of
  the ELCFIELD card? Can we already use electric fields in FLUKA simulations
  and how to do it?

   Thank you again.

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