Re: [fluka-discuss]: User Routine standard packages

From: Francesco Cerutti <>
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2016 11:52:45 +0200

Some documentation on the subroutines/functions that are available in the
precompiled FLUKA library (libflukahp.a) and are usable in the user
routines can be found in the advanced course lectures
(in particular in very last slides),
(slide 55),
(slide 18), and
(slides 31-33)

In general, it is not compulsory - albeit advantageous - for you to resort
to them, if you do not know (how to use) them, you can always write your
own code in the user routines. For some specific needs (e.g. automatic
name to number conversion), some of them are precious. Then, some user
routines - like source.f - are already provided with an elaborated
template that you have to modify only in certain parts, so the presence of
calls to internal procedures in the other parts - not to be modified! -
should not worry you.

Another more essential and better documented ingredient is instead
represented by the COMMON blocks, through which variables are shared.
These are directly inspectable in $FLUPRO/flukapro and some of them are
already included by default (for good reasons) in the user routine



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On Tue, 26 Jul 2016, wrote:

> Is there somewhere a description of the packages that have to be included
> in a user routine, along with their methods? I'm looking through an
> example user routine, and it uses Fortran methods that don't seem to be
> standard, and I'm not sure what, exactly, they're doing in the routine.
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