RE: [fluka-discuss]: FLUKA version fluka2011.2c.3 obsolete

From: Joachim Vollaire <>
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2016 08:01:43 +0000

Dear Srinidhi

Yes it is obsolete since a respin is available. See the message below from Alfredo (from April this year) on that matter. Please download the latest version.



Dear Fluka users

fluka2011.2c-4, a respin of fluka2011.2c, has been just uploaded to the Fluka web site. This respin fixes:

a) a crash for (anti)neutrino interactions around the maximum energy

     (1 PeV). (Anti)neutrino interactions are now safely performed up to the

     1 PeV nominal maximum energy. Interactions at energies in excess of

     ~1.1 PeV are not supported and could result in crashes

b) the dimensions of the arrays related to the maximum amount of compound

     elements present everywhere in an input file have been increased to

     4000 (from 2400) and other related ancillary arrays have been

     increased as well

c) the documenation has been improved

d) the utility used for summing USRBDX results has been changed so that

     the output is organized in the same way regardless a true angular

     distribution is requested rather than not

As usual, support and bug fixes will be provided for the latest respin (this one) only.

                   The Fluka developers


| Alfredo Ferrari || Tel.: + |

| CERN-EN/STI || Fax.: + |

| 1211 Geneva 23 || e-mail:<> |

| Switzerland || |


From: [] On Behalf Of Srinidhi Bheesette
Sent: 03 August 2016 09:18
Subject: [fluka-discuss]: FLUKA version fluka2011.2c.3 obsolete

Hi all,

Has the fluka2011.2c.3 become obsolete?

I am getting the following error when I am trying to run a FLUKA job:

  **** This version is obsolete and/or ****

  **** you are not allowed to use FLUKA ****

  **** Please contact the FLUKA list ****

  **** or look for an updated version ****

  **** at<> ****

Help will be appreciated. Thanks.


(Srinidhi Bheesette)

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