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Dear Elif,

For this you need to use the USDRAW entry in the MGDRAW routine. With the ICODE you can identify the process, and then you can access the produced secondaries. E.g. for compton scattering:

        IF (ICODE .EQ. 219) THEN
           DO IP = 1, NP
               IF ( KPART(IP) .EQ. 3) .... count ...
           END DO

        END IF

 100 FORMAT ("PartID=", I5,", E(GeV)=",E20.11,
     & ", Pos(cm)=",E20.11,E20.11,E20.11)

The variable KPART gives you the particle code of a secondary (for electrons it is 3). Then you can simply count the electrons produced (you need to do something equivalent for pair production and photo-electric effect: the ICODEs you can find in the comments of the MGDRAW routine).

Cheers, Anton

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Dear FLUKA users,

How can I detect and count electrons which are generated by photons?
Thank you.

Elif Ermis

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