[fluka-discuss]: DOSE-EQ normalization, isotropic source, energy spectrum on the geometry

From: Szymczyk Karol <Karol.Szymczyk_at_ncbj.gov.pl>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2017 14:51:19 +0000

Dear Fluka experts

My issue is to implement the isotropic source with energy spectrum on the geometry-flat surface (like ROCA function, but for the flat surface, not sphere)

My input is the energy spectrum from the front of the chamber(the unit in column 2 are particle/cm^3/s)

-I use part of the 'well known', user routine source.f ,(course in Athens) to implement the Energy spectrum.


-I used a isotropic source, with z ditribution Z+


-I randomizesd the position of a particle on a designed area

It is working well (in my opinion)!

Firstly I would like to kindly ask you, if this kind of source.f routine is ok, in your opinion?

Secondly ,the main problem is to well normalize the results.

Main main issiu is to calculate the Dose EQ in the area around the target.

To calculate the DOSE-EQ, I need the real number of preliminary particles/s.

-My input has totaly 603 particle/cm^3/s (just an example)

-source surface is 60cm*60cm

Should I multiply the DOSE-EQ results by the source surface area, and totaly nymer of particle/cm^3/s (603 particles)?, or should I do somethig else.

You are more then welcome to open my attached files.

I am looking forward for any suggestions.

Best regards.
Karol Szymczyk

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