[fluka-discuss]: missing neutron cross ssections

From: Benmerrouche, Mohamed <Benmerrouche_at_bnl.gov>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2017 17:16:01 +0000

Dear FLUKA experts/users,

I am trying to setup an activation study with a 16MeV proton beam on Ra-226 target but when I run my input file FLUKA exits with the following error message:

***** Neutron Xsec: ****
 **** Group limits, average energies, velocities and momenta start at location 10422717, end at location 10424884 (I*4 addr.) *****

  **** Low energy neutron xsec not found for some media 12 13 ****

Which indicate that low energy neutron cross sections for Ra-226 are not available in the FLUKA code. I checked the FLUKA manual section and confirmed that there is NO entry for Radium.

Any suggestions or thoughts on how to resolve this issue?


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