[fluka-discuss]: simulation medical linear accelerator

From: <andrea.kozlowski_at_stud.htwk-leipzig.de>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2017 09:53:18 +0100

Dear community,

right now I'm working on my thesis, using flair for FLUKA but beeing a
beginner. I have to do a simulation of the inhomogenous activation in a
medical linear accelerator.
I already implemented all needed components. But I still have some problems:

1) Electrons, getting accelerated to high energies, are deflected by 270
degrees. The deflection occurs by magnets. How can I implement the
deflection - in three parts 90 degrees - in FLUKA (I'm thinking about
MGNFIELD or EMF but beeing not sure)?

2)After that, the electrons are directed at a target. Colliding, high
energy x-rays were produced. Is it possible to make this change from
electrons to x-rays in FLUKA? If so, how?

Thx for your help!


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