Re: Low energy neutrons and gammas transport

From: Alberto Fasso' (
Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 11:42:44 CEST

Dear Mr. Solovyev,

FLUKA is certainly well suited to handle neutron production and transport
in most materials (a list can be found in the FLUKA manual), within the
limits of its multigroup approach. Rare cases where this approach is not
recommended are: problems involving only one single scattering, and problems
where correlations between secondary particles are important.
For what concerns (n,gamma) processes, these can be simulated only in
materials for which the corresponding information is available in the
FLUKA neutron cross section library (in the FLUKA manual there is a list of
elements available: the last column of the table shows a "Y" if gamma
generation is available, and an "N" otherwise). Indeed, gamma generation
(and transport) is available for all the elements mentioned in your mail.

Best regards,

  Alberto FassÚ

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On Thu, 1 May 2003, Vladimir Solovyev wrote:

> Hi,
> my name is Vladimir Solovyev, I'm a graduate student at the neutron group at
> Physics Department, Purdue University. Experiments our group is doing
> involve low energy neutrons (~14 MeV produced by neutron generator or even
> lower energy from Cf source). Now we are looking for software to simulate
> neutron production, transport through different materials (such as water,
> lead, paraffin, some chemicals such as sulfur, phosphorus etc.), (n,gamma)
> processes, gamma transport etc.
> I would appreciate if you tell me about the possibility for fluka to work
> correctly in a scope of the problems of that nature. Any advice in this
> matter would be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Vladimir Solovyev

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