Neutron scattering in Nitrogen

From: Bernhard Schwingenheuer (
Date: Tue May 27 2003 - 12:52:21 CEST

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    Dear FLUKA physics experts:

    recently I have started to use FLUKA for the scattering/absorption of
    energy neutrons in Nitrogen.

    I start with a beam of 9.5 MeV neutrons and at the entry USDRAW I check
    the secondary particles for ICODE=300. I see elastic scattering events,
    inelastic events (n --> n+gamma) with gamma energies corresponding
    to the excitation level of Nitrogen 14 and absorption events.

    My question is: In case of absorption I expect a gamma or proton or
    alpha to come out but I see not outgoing particle (NP=0). Are (n,gamma)
    and (n,p) reactions simulated at all by FLUKA?

    I also plotted the energy balance for inelastic events. The sum
    of outgoing neutron energy + gamma energy is on average 2 MeV larger
    than the incoming neutron energy. What is the reason for this?

    For elastic scattering the energy balance is ok, i.e. the energy
    loss is on average consistent with the scattering angle.

    Thanks a lot for your time....


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