Bug fix release

From: Alfredo Ferrari (alfredo.ferrari@cern.ch)
Date: Fri Feb 06 2004 - 13:10:50 CET

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    Dear users

    a bug-fix sub-release has been uploaded to the FLUKA web sites.

    The bugs fixed in this sub-release (otherwise exactly the same of the
    december one) are:

    a) a crash in the corrco routine of DPMJET when running ions (thanks to
    b) an infinite loop in the valmdd routine of DPMJET when running ions
       (thanks to T.Montaruli)
    c) a crash in RQMD when running ions (thanks to V.Parini)
    d) a problem when running FLUGG with photonuclear reactions activated
    e) a crash with p-He reactions at pion production threshold (thanks
       to V.Parini)

    For those not running ions or FLUGG, only e) is of relevance (even though

    Further a useful improvement has been added: now for R-Phi-Z binnings the
    binning axis can be specified in the exact same way as for R-Z only
    binnings (thanks to Marta Sans-Merce for this one). PLEASE, not that the
    manual does yet reflect this change.

    The versions available are for Linux, HP and Digital Unix. A Sun version
    is in progress but not yet ready. In general we find more and more
    difficulties in providing versions for Sun and HP because of lack of
    hardware (or obsolescence of the existing one).


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