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Date: Wed May 11 2005 - 15:41:02 CEST

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    Dear Katherine,
    the answer, if I understand correctly your question, is that one needs to
    prepare PEMF only for the materials that you actually have in reality:
    that means that if you a region filled, for instance, with AIR
    (that you define as a gas mixture of N, O and AR) you must prepare the
    PEMF for the mixture called AIR (giving inside the right parameters for
    the 3 elements and the proper GASP pressure value). Instead you will not
    prepare the PEMF for the individual elements N, O and AR.

    [Notice that his is not exactly parallel to what we do for the hadronic
    cross section tabulation: in general in the FLUKA input we need to insert
    the MATERIAL card both for the compound/mixture and card for all
    individual elements in the compound/mixture]

    Be happy: the problem of creating PEMF is going to disappear in the next
    FLUKA release!

    On Wed, 11 May 2005, Katherine Harine wrote:

    > Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 08:21:04 -0500
    > From: Katherine Harine <>
    > To: Alfredo Ferrari <>,
    > Giuseppe Battistoni <>,
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    > Subject: PEMF question
    > In using the EMF option can elements be defined with each element name
    > also being in the file generated by the PEMF preprocessor and then can
    > these elements be combined in a COMPOUND card and then linked with a
    > MATERIAL card?
    > Or should one run the preprocessor for a mixture with the same name as
    > the final MATERIAL card just using the total number of atoms for each
    > element in the mixture of gasses.
    > Or what is the proper way to use the EMF option with mixtures of gasses
    > that are both element and compounds.
    > If this is not clear, I'll put together an example.
    > - Katherine

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