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From: Paola Sala (Paola.Sala@cern.ch)
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 11:19:15 CEST

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    a simple question: did you link
    fluka with the heavvy ion generators?
    ( the script ldp3qmd does the job).
    Heavy ion transport must then be activated
    with the EVENTYPE card , putting a 2 in
    what(3) and SDUM = DPMJET
    check in the output, the heavy ion generators
    notify that they are initialized


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    Subject: Question about carbon dose calculation

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to transport carbon in a cubic water phantom and calculate depth
    dose (DD) curve in water using FLUKA. But I found my calculation curve is
    slightly different with the experiment curve. The measured curve has a tail
    which is contributed by secondary fragments. In my calculation, the DD curve
    drop down quickly after Bragg peak and has no tail at all.

    I tried 'HADROTHE' and 'PRECISIO' mode but got almost same results. Also I
    checked the manual and it seems there is no other input options maybe affect
    the transport physics.

    In attachment are my input file and depth dose curve calculated by this file
    and also the standard measured curve. I changed input file name 'carbon.inp'
    to 'carbon.f' in order to pass virus scanning system.

    So anybody knows what's wrong in the input file?

    Thank you.

    Jiajin Fan

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