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Date: Sun Jun 11 2006 - 11:23:02 CEST

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    Hello Paola.
    I expect smth like exponential decrease at energy from 5keV up to 100keV as
    any photon has probability to be involved in Compton scattering with another
    atom after its first interaction but with smaller energy and so on.
    But now I consider more simple problem: I would like to obtain a
    photoelectrical peak with primary photon energy equals to 50keV. And I don't
    know what I should do to get whole number of paticles crossing the boundary
    with energy that belongs to some intervel or bin. For this purpos I used
    USRBDX option for current estimation and area value is 1 cm^2 (because it is
    just counting of crossings). And as result I've get diffirential disribution
    and cumulative distribution. What I shel do after that?

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    > Hello
    > why do you expect an exponential
    > decrease? I would expect a rather flat Compton-like
    > spectrum. Your photons have 5 MeV energy, and
    > 1-5 MeV electrons loose only about 100 keV in 50 cm air
    > Paola

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