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From: Zuzana Zajacova (
Date: Wed Aug 16 2006 - 14:23:25 CEST

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    Dear FLUKA users,

    I am using the usrsuwev routine to read and process the unformatted results of the RESNUCLE card. I have noticed that there is a selection procedure governing which of the produced radioisotopes find their way into the "evolutionfilename"_res.lis file. In other words, the list of radioisotopes listed in the "evolutionfilename"_res.lis does not contain all the radioisotopes with non-zero activity that can be found in the "evolutionfilename"_sum.lis file. What are the criteria for selecting a radioisotope to be listed in the "evolutionfilename"_res.lis? I am particularly worried that I am not finding 22Na in the "evolutionfilename"_res.lis, although it is listed in the "evolutionfilename"_sum.lis with non zero activity and a "not-exceptionally-bad" error, e.g. 22Na specific activity of 1.20E-02 (+/- 15.7 %).

    Kind regards,
    Zuzana Zajacova

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