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From: Norman Furlong (
Date: Thu Oct 12 2006 - 02:09:27 CEST

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    I'm a FLUKA newbie who's trying to learn the program by taking the
    example.inp provided and changing one variable at a time.

    1) I successfully changed the Be target to Pb (keeping all other variables
    the same), changed the beam intensity (ditto), but failed when I tried to
    replace the proton beam with deuterons. I got an unexpected zero pion
    fluence. When I 'diff' the two input files, they only differ in that one
    card (the PROTON changed to DEUTERON, both starting in column 71).

    2) if anyone has a FLUKE deck that was used in the TARC experiment, I would
    greatly appreciate it, since that example has published results and is more
    complicated than the proton/Be example.

    3) How does one go about measuring the total fluence of secondary particles
    in all directions, like what would matter in a reaction chamber? Do I still
    use USRBDX, or something else?



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