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Date: Thu Mar 01 2007 - 15:01:15 CET

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    Dear Ecran

    the BME module which is supposed to do the transport of heavy ions down
    to 10 MeV/n is not in the official distribution. Probably will be
    available in the next release. Therefore with 20 MeV/n you are only
    doing dE/dx and for air 5cm, the 90% that escapes the system is quite
    reasonable, the expected stopping range in air should be of the order of


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    Subject: energy loss in air

    dear users,

    i would like to know that the energy loss of kr-84 heavy ions with
    20MeV/n in 5cm air thickness could be around 1GeV? in *.out file i
    have noticed that;

       1.6783E+00 (100.%) GeV available per beam particle divided into
     Prompt radiation Radioactive decays
       1.5394E-01 ( 9.2%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV hadron and muon dE/dx
       0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV electro-magnetic showers
       0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV nuclear recoils and
    heavy fragments
       0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV particles below
       0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV residual excitation
       0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV low energy neutrons
       1.5244E+00 (90.8%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV particles escaping the
       0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV particles discarded
       0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) 0.0000E+00 ( 0.0%) GeV particles out of time
       2.9104E-15 ( 0.0%) GeV missing

    by the way, i am following the same steps given in battistoni's
    example to calculate boundary crossing energies. it says to me average
    1524MeV per 1675MeV heavy ions leaves from 5cm air.

    could that be possible? thanks in advance.


    Ercan Pilicer
    High Energy Physics Department
    Uludag University, Turkey

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