[fluka-discuss]: Fluka on OpenPBS - only one core is used

From: Ševčik Aleksandras <aleksandras.sevcik_at_ktu.edu>
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2017 09:42:14 +0000

Dear experts,

I'got an access on the cluster grid that uses OpenPBS. The only help I can get is the google, and combined with no any experience it leads to this forum as the last chance.

In a nut, I have a script which successfully launches the job, see the attached file. But only one core is used out of 8 (each node has 8 cores).

1) how should I modify the script to launch 8 jobs at once ? I imagine that process is similar like Flair uses. I'm aware that .inp file should contain RANDOMIZ card with default value.

2) If I want to utilize 3 nodes with 8 cores each, can I launch 24 jobs then? As I understand , 12 runs x 1E8 events are not equivalent to 24 runs x 5E7 events , are they?



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