Re: [fluka-discuss]: problems with interpreting Cs results

From: francesca falorsi <>
Date: Tue, 29 Aug 2017 12:45:20 +0100

Hi Paola,
thank you for your answer.
In attach You can find the three imput files mentioned in the first
When I say "there is a rise in the loss of energy" as you can see on the
right of the image "Loss_of_energy_along_z_axis.png
(case without disc), i'm expeting a 1/r^2 trend because i've only
interations with air, while what I actually get is a rise in a point that
is after the edges of the disc (that is centered in z=2.5 cm with radius=1
cm). What do you think about it?
P.S. I've not choose any threshold for the transport.

2017-08-28 8:35 GMT+01:00 paola sala <>:

> Dear Francesca,
> when you say "there is a rise in the loss of energy" you mean the rise at
> the edges of the disk? Could you please check what are the transport
> thresholds for electrons and photons in the materials/regions of the disk
> and around?
> (or send the input file)
> Thank you
> Paola
> On 08/24/2017 06:02 PM, francesca falorsi wrote:
>> Dears Fluka's Expert,
>> I 've a question for You.
>> I'm simulating the decay of a point like source of Cs-137 with the
>> geometric configuration that you can find in attach.
>> I'm doing two type of simulations: the first one putting the point like
>> source into a PMMA disc and the second one removing the disc.
>> I'm having some problems with interpreting what i get by the usrbin
>> card: in the event the disc is not present there is a rise in the loss of
>> energy.
>> I put in attach the screens of the results, on the left there is the case
>> in which the disc is present and on the right the one in which is not
>> present.
>> I tried to do another simulation in which I put only the source in the
>> space, obtaining the same result; You can find these others results in
>> attach (the files in which is present "other simulation" in the name).
>> Thanking you for your attention I'll wait for your opinions.
>> Francesca

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