RE: crash with no error

From: Markus Brugger (
Date: Mon Aug 13 2007 - 14:36:27 CEST

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    Hi Hamide,
    as we can't reproduce your crash (running with your inputFile, source,
    randomSeed, etc... for a long history of events) it's a bit hard getting
    to the root of your problem, thus please do the following:
    - download the latest FLUKA release and try again (the file should be
    called now: *fluka2006.3b*)
    if you still run into the crash please do the following:
    - go into the temporary fluka directory (fluka_*)
    - run 'gdb fullPath/toYourExecutable coreFile
      (e.g., gdb ../myExecutable core.12334
    - type 'where'
    - type 'frame 0', 'frame 1', 'frame 2' ...
    - send us a screen dump of all gdb messages


            From: hamide jalali []
            Sent: 11 August 2007 23:45
            To: Markus Brugger
            Subject: Re: crash with no error
            First of all, I am thankful for your attention on my problem.
            Second, Unfortunately there is no possibility for me to give you
    access to my computer now.
            Third, I couldn't understand what information you want
    exactly,fluka2006.3-linuxAA.tar.gz is the version that I've expanded to
    use. I ran gdb in directory that my executable is there.
            I hope this would be helpful. If you want more information let
    me know.
            Sincerely yours

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