crash with no error

From: hamide jalali (
Date: Wed Jul 11 2007 - 13:20:47 CEST

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    Dear fluka users

    1. I'd like to calculate dose due to P,alpha,C,O,Si,Mg ,... in a
    cylandrical of water.for this I programmed a source.f and defined a particle
    source with a spectrum of energy.In the case of P,alpha,C,Fe every thing is
    OK but when I run my input for Si with 30000 histories,the first cycle is OK
    but the run was crashed in second cycle at 15000th history without any error
    message in *.out or *.err.Then I increased the maximum source particle
    energy in BEAM card (without any change in source.f)the second cycle became
    OK but third one crashed.I faced same problem for Mg and O but not for
    C,Fe,P and alpha.I couldn't find where the problem is.

    2. It happened several times that the error of USRBIN result for example in
    3 cycles is less than 5 cycles'.Dose it mean there is something wrong with
    my run?

    I'd be grateful for your help in advance.

    PS my input and source.f are in attachment.

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