RE: [fluka-discuss]: Problems with the USRYIELD card

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis <>
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2018 09:37:33 +0000

Hi Pedro,

the pseudoparticle ISOTOPE is only used in the BEAM card to generate a radioactive source,
everywhere else in the code you have to use the HEAVYION.
Can you send us your input to see what errors you are mentioning.


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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Problems with the USRYIELD card

Dear fluka team,

I am trying to simulate the cross section of the process p + 12C -->
11C + x. To score the cross section of the production of 11C with the
energy and the polar angle I used the yield card in two different ways:
using ISOTOPE to be scored and using HEAVYION to be scored. Then, I have
used the AUXCORE card to score only the 11C.

This is the aspect of this part of the code:

USRYIELD 2401. ISOTOPE -57. -1. -2.
USRYIELD 10. 0. 100. 360. 0.0 601.

I have checked if my code fails in other parts, but is this part the
one that creates the problem.

Using the ISOTOPE I obtain that it finished OK but with errors:

  *** Unable to resolve name element ISOTOPE in card ***
  *** run stopped ***

When I use the option HEAVYION I obtain that the simulation is finished
but with erros (but I do not fid these errors).

What is wrong in the use on those cards? How can I change my code? (In
fact, I am using flair, not the pure code)

Thank you in advance,


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