From: riya dey <riyadey_at_barc.gov.in>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:47:19 +0530

Dear FLUKA Experts,


I was trying to score DOSE-Eq inside a detector . The source is placed
around the detector and the photons are coming inside the detector.

The out puts of USRBIN ( combined with AUXscore ) are :

When the detector radius is 10 cm , Dose_eq value (using ERT-74) is scored
as : 8.83E-4 pSv / primary

When the detector radius is 1 cm , Dose_eq value (using ERT-74) is scored as
: 8.605E-7 pSv/ primary


In both cases, detector position is same, only radius is changing.


Now I scored fluence using USRBDX card. The outputs are : total fluence

For 10 cm : 2.27E-7 particles per cm2 per primary

For 1 cm : 2.23E-7 particles per cm2 per primary


Now, Dose-eq is calculated from the fluence multiplied by fluence to dose
conversion factor. Since in both cases total fluence is same, why dose-eq
values are different ??


Note : From the values of USRBIN, it looks like the values differ from each
other by an order of 1E+3 which is actually the ratio of volumes of these
two detector size .


With regards,

Riya Dey

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